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Session I
Sunday’s 6:00-8:00 PM
Kennedy Activity Center Courts 1 and 2
Open to boys and girls 4th – 8th grade with one season of basketball experience from the Bloomington/Richfield area.

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Register HERE Now through March 18
Practices Begin March 14

2017 Dates To Be Announced

2017/2018 Team Registrations Begin August 1st
We will be rostering teams in the following grades.
8th     7th     6th     5th     4th     3rd

Board Meetings are held the second or third Sunday of every Month
Location To Be Announced
If you would like to attend please contact Tona (952.934.5276) for location information.


If Kennedy is your community-based team and you are looking to play outside of Kennedy during the winter basketball season you MUST get a waiver FROM Kennedy. The Kennedy board of directors will assess requests on a case by case basis. NO waiver will be granted AFTER October 1 of the current season year.

MYAS Position on Waivers and Renegade Teams
*As we approach the winter traveling basketball season, the MYAS basketball staff members are receiving many calls and emails. Many of the calls/emails are pertaining to waivers and playing for associations/teams other than where a player resides or attends school.
*There are often internal issues between the individual and the local association. The MYAS feels that those issues should be worked out between the individual and their association. Please don’t expect the MYAS to resolve your issue with your association.
*The winter basketball season is for community-based teams that are formed by the local athletic associations and schools. All-star/Open teams have their playing opportunities in the spring and fall.
The MYAS Traveling Basketball Guidelines read as follows:

  • Athletes must participate on the team nearest to their residence, or for the school team or community travel association where they are enrolled. Exception: In situations involving “split families,” the athlete may participate with the association closest to the mother’s or father’s residence.

  • If there is not a travel association within the community where the athlete resides or attends school, or if the athlete has been cut from or restricted by the association, they may participate with a bordering association.

If a player is granted a waiver, they are eligible to play for an association other than where they reside or attend school. Please note – you must receive a waiver from allthe associations in between where the player resides or attends school and the association they want to play for.