What is Travel Lite?

We often get the question, “what is travel lite?”  Travel Lite is essentially 3/4 of a full season of traveling basketball.  It is for the new athletes /  families to traveling, typically in the younger grades.  We emphasize skill development, so we have more practices than games, with practices starting in October, and running through the middle of February.  Practices are twice a week for 90 minutes, typically on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the KAC, Kennedy High School, or an elementary / middle school on the east side of Bloomington.

We have 4 or 5 area tournaments.  Parents often ask, “how far do we travel?”  For travel lite, we stay in the metro area.  Kennedy hosts a tournament, as does Jefferson.  We play in those tournaments, and we try to be stay as close to Bloomington as possible.  The past couple of seasons we have not played in the state tournament which is the first weekend of March, but if all the families agree, we will go through the state tournament.

Travel lite costs $100, and if you are an early bird register, it costs $50.  This rents your athlete a uniform for the season, and it buys your athlete a KGTBA bag that she get to keep, as well as a Spalding 28.5 women’s basketball that she gets to keep.

If your athlete is ready for her next step in basketball, try travel lite!